Our Farm

Our alpaca farm is located in Bath, Michigan, a small rural community on the outskirts of Lansing, Michigan. When planning the farm, our vision was to include all of our animals in our daily life. We wanted the animals to be a part of the family. This dream meant that we wanted the animals to have access to all places that we spend time, instead of the traditional farm set up with barns and pastures separate from the home. We have created a setting that includes our backyard and side yards, which are all connected and free for everyone to roam. The alpacas come right up to the doors and windows to peek in and follow us around anytime we are outside.

We raise both fluffy huacaya and silkie suri alpacas. Right now, we are exploring all facets of raising alpacas. As we grow, we will continue to focus on raising alpacas with high quality fiber and hope to expand to include processing the fiber right on the farm. 


Our alpacas love visitors and especially love it when those new friends have treats!

During your visit we can feed the alpacas from our hands, learn basic information about them and how to care for these beautiful animals. 

If you are looking for a fun and educational family friendly outing please check the page for the free open hours or you can send us a message or email to set up a private appointment!

We are also providing fiber arts classes. Classes in the start of 2024 will be needle felting, felted soap and a felted cat house. In the future we will be offering knitting & crochet classes or groups, create a needle felted creature and many more projects for guests of all ages! Click here for more info on classes at GVL!

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Chicken Village

During your visit be sure to stop by our little chicken village where we have a handful of egg layers and about 100 little fluffy silkies and bantam cochins. They are extremely friendly and follow my family, our kids’ friends and even the mailman around begging for treats.

Learn the difference between our bantam pet birds and our layer chickens. For example, did you know silkies have an extra toe? If available also learn about chick development inside the egg by candling an egg and see the chick inside!