Alpaca Club

Alpaca Club Information

**Club is full at the moment. If you would like to be contacted when we are ready to expand, please fill out the contact form below.


Great Valley Longnecks is hosting an Alpaca Club! Ages 8 and up can choose their very own alpaca to train and work with during the duration of the club.

They will train that alpaca at every club meeting. Training will consist of learning to halter the alpaca, walk them around the property, feed and check waterers and help keep alpaca areas clean.

When preparing for the Alpaca show we will also set up an obstacle course for members to take their alpaca through.

On a monthly basis, club members will help with our monthly herd health day. Alpacas are given a shot, feet are checked and overall condition is noted.

Members will have the option to help with farm events where they can help with the alpaca shop, teach visitors about alpacas and show guests how to feed the animals.

There will also be opportunities to see labor and delivery of cria (baby alpacas), help with shearing day in the spring and see ultrasounds when the vet comes to do pregnancy check!

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Alpaca Shows

In Spring 2025 we will attend the Michigan Alpaca Fest.

All information about these shows will be shared as soon as it is released by the organizations. Even if not all of our club members show an alpaca we will still plan for our group to attend. It will be a great opportunity to volunteer and learn more about the alpaca community!

You can also visit for more information on the next show!


Questions and Sign up

Fill out the form to sign up or to ask questions. If you want to speak to someone call or text Charisse at (517) 798-1985 or email directly at